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It will take 4-6 days to get your shipment ready for pick up at any of our locations worldwide from the time the shipment leaves our warehouse to the airport and not from the time it arrived in our warehouse . Transit time is based on under normal circumstance, delays that may be beyond our control can make some shipments to add extra day/s to the specified time frame.

We bill every shipment based on either the actual weight or the volume weight whichever that is greater. Actual weight is the scale weight of the shipment while volume weight is calculated by dimension (LxWxH) divided by 166. Volume weight is used mostly on light but bulky items like for an example, “Car Bumpers & Box that is filled with eye lashes or flowers”

Yes, we reserve the right to inspect and repack any shipment tendered to us according to TSA guidelines and regulations. Most repacking are done to ship every item in it’s safest and most cost effective way.Based on customer’s advice, goods can be shipped as is without repacking, but we must inspect it for airline safety purposes.

Yes, we will not contact you. Meanwhile, it is customer’s responsibility to keep tracking their goods with

Yes we can hold shipments that come in parts for seven calendar days, storage charge will start accruing from the 8th day until you decide to ship them.

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